Leonor Villagra


Oil Painting Contemporary

Latin American







ECONOMY: "University Ricardo Palma" (Lima-Perú)


"National School of Fine Arts", (ENBA Lima -Perú)

MURAL PAINTING: Watermael-Boitsfort, Fine Arts Academy (Brussels-Belgium ) "1st Prize with distinction"

ETCHING: Anderlecht Fine Arts Academy. LYTHOGRAPHY : Foundation for Graphic Arts, "Frans Masereel Centrum"

PAINTING to Anderlecht Fine Arts Academy ( Brussels-Belgium )

She graduated with Great Distinction: "TALENS PRIZE 1997"



Prize in the 30th Etchings Competition ICPNA Lima-Peru 2002

MURAL PAINTING: Watermael-Boitsfort, Fine Arts Academy (Brussels-Belgium ) "1st Prize with distinction"

PAINTING to Anderlecht Fine Arts Academy ( Brussels-Belgium )

She graduated with Great Distinction: "TALENS PRIZE 1997"



Leonor Villagra's Exhibitions




•"De Pelicaen" Duffel. BELGIUM

•"Stockholms Konstsalong" Sweden


• "ART-EVENT " Antwerpen ,

•"Galerie Atelier Las Meninas"

•"Gallery 't Hof te Puttens" Lede-Belgium ,

•"GALLERY ART" Stockholm -Sweden.


•"GALLERY 24" Berlin - Germany.

•"Gc de Oude Pastorie" Kapelle-o/d-Bos with Atelier Graphical to Academie Beeldende Kunsten Anderlecht-Belgium

•"Galerie Convent" with Groep Pelicaen.Lier


•Biennale Internazionale dell'Arte Contemporanea City of Florence - Italie.

•"Gallery Fayla" Brussels-Belgium

•Cabinet du Secrétaire d'Etat; Pascal Smet


•"MétissART": "Galerie du CRABE". Jodoigne


•Echtings with "Groep Pelicaen" Lier

•"Paradigma Art Gallery" Bruxelles -Belgium.

•"Galleri Miva" Malmo- Sweden.

•"Gallery Armonía" Lima-Perú


•«Gallery Fayla »


•"Balades Braivoises" Liege, Gallery Volvo : Gand

•Hôtel de ville de Vichy with UFACSI

•"Anno 1900"

•"Les trois roses" Malmo Sweden


•Gallery "Aemen en even" Grimbergen -Belgium

•"Gallery "Aemen en even": Kiwanis Zaventem Airport

•"Parcours de Femmes": in " Amazone "

•Gallery "Alfican " Place du Grand Sablon - Bruxelles.

•Echtings with Groep Pelicaen in Lier's Béguinage.

•Hôtel de Ville de Lyon, with: UFACSI,

•M. Raymon Barre: was Chairmain of the Exhibition

•1999: Ligne Couleur Lumière with UFACSI ( Women Artistic, Cultural Association, International Shows ) Hôtel de Ville de Lille ; M. P. Maurois: Chairman of the Exhibition


• Paintings: Cultural Shop , Volvo pro Arte Gand-Belgium.,"Boutique Culturelle" Brussels -Belgium., "Hedendaagse Grafiek in Senneberg" Belgium, "Captain's Table": Ghent's Business Center, Belgium.,

•SBB "Espace Design Center" Brussels-Belgium.


• Paintings: "European Parliament" Brussels, with UFACSI, The exhibition was honoured of, by the visit HM. Queen Paola of Belgium


•Paintings , etchings exhibition "De Markten" Brussels-Belgium.


• Exhibition at the cultural center of Woluwe St Pierre,

•"De Rink", "Kapelle-op-den-Bos" : Belgium


• "Graphics from Europa" in "De Markten" Brussels-Belgium,

•"Amazone" with UFACSI, Paintings Westerlo-Belgium


Art work projects


• Lima, Peru: Atelier for children “Art Center” in Miraflores.



•Lima, Peru: Realization and paintings of many

Murals in public organization.


• Brussels, Belgium: Direction, production

and scenes of Latin American women’s theater creation.


• Brussels, Belgium: Direction and execution

of the “Mural, Annessens Train Station”.

Piece made band teenagers and children to

promote love and civil caring

to the town. Opening in charge of the Mare

of Brussels, Mr. De Donea



• Brussels, Belgium: Direction and Execution of the

Painting Atelier “Immigrant Women” at the Gallery,

Alphabetization Association, ASBL “Le Cactus”.



•Brussels, Belgium: Creation, Direction

and Management the NGO “Cultural Association NAZCA”

( ). A Cultural Space to promote

Fine Arts and Peruvian & Latin American Research Studies.

•Anderlecht, Belgium: Direction of the Painting Atelier

“Summer Younger People” (Été-jeunes) 1999

Brussels, Belgium: Leonor was in charge of the

Installation and Direction of the display of District

photographs for Cureghem Associations into the

commemoration of the Capital Anniversary named

“Discovering Brussels” (Bruxelles ma Découverte)

Gallery “Boutique Culturelle”












•Belgium: In the commemoration of the

“International Women’s Year”, Leonor Villagra

was the Director, Curator and Art Commissaire

of the event “Art Show Parade of Women in

Brussels 2000” (Le “Parcours de Femmes á

Bruxelles 2000”) that hosted the presence of

100 Belgian Fine Artists of 14 different nationalities

to exhibit their Art Work in more than 10 Galleries

and Salons in the Capital of the European Union, Brussels.



•November, Belgium: Exhibition “Latin Women”

at the Gallery, NGO “Equal in Development”,

Leonor Villagra presented the Peruvian Woman

Artistic Value as well as other Latin Americans.

•December, Belgium: In the Event

“The Brussels Museums’ Night Time 2005“

(De Nocturnes van de Brusselse Musea 2005 /

Les Nocturnes des Musées Bruxellois 2005)

at the Pharmacy Museum of Free University of Brussels

(ULB – Université Libre de Bruxelles), Leonor Villagra

presented the Art Exhibition and Installation and the

Speech in French and Flemish (Duch) “Peruvian Medicinal Plants”.

The aim of the exhibition was to present the characteristics

of more than 50 Peruvian plants that are used for traditional

or alternative medicine due to either cultural traditions or scarce

economic resources. In that Event the “Peruvian Quinina”

was the most recognized medicinal plant and also well

recognized some other Peruvian plants by their contribution

in curing many diseases (“Maca and Cat’s Claw”- Uña de Gato,

Uncaria Tomentosa used by the Ashaninka

community in the Peruvian jungle)

•Belgium: In the “Belgian Patrimony Day”

(April: Erfgoeddag) at the “Open Doors”

(Puertas Abiertas), Leonor Villagra’s Art Exhibit,

Installation and Speech (diaorama) about

“Peruvian Medicinal Plants” (Plantas Medicinales Peruanas)

with the colors and music of the Peruvian Amazon Group

(“Peruviaanse geneeskrachtige planten”

Met kleur en muziek uit het Peruviaanse amazonewoud).

The Installation was about Coca infusion (Mate de Coca),

Maca, Cat’s Claw (Uña de Gato), Jaguar Mask, Ekeko and

Mochica pre-Inka ceramics and potteries as well as Leonor’s

paintings related, photographs and documents of her own

files & researches. The Speech, in Dutch and French,

had the focus: “To be involved in one of the biggest threats

of the millennium about the plundering of Amazon’s plants

by laboratories and industrialized countries against the

sub-developed countries that it was called “Bio-pirates”

(theft of plants for commercial uses). In that context,

Leonor’s aim was to explain the vast medicinal richest

of Peruvian plants for its contribution to cure many diseases

as well as for scientific uses. The “Amazonian tribal communities”

use these medicines for many generations before they were

known by Europe and North America.



• Brussels – Belgium. In the Event

“Month of the International Solidarity” (October)

Leonor presented the Exhibit “11 Views about

Bio-diversity” (11 Regards sur la Biodiversité, 11 keer

Biodiversiteit) that hosted the Art Work of 11 Peruvian and

European Fine Artists to present their vision of the

Consequences of the Industrialization over the

Ecosystem Degradation, Third World Exploitation

and the Bio-piracy of the Amazonian native species

at the Gallery “Free Entrance” (Entrée Libre) at the

Etterbeek Municipality. The opening premiere was

made by the Excellencies: Deputed & Mare,

Mr. Vincent DE WOLF; Cultural Counselor of the

French Culture, Mr. Isi d’Halberthalland and International

Solidarity Counselor of Flemish Culture,


• Brussels, Belgium. In the celebration

of the “Belgian Patrimony Day” (Erfgoeddag : April to

promote the influence of the Latin American Culture in Belgium,

Leonor presented the speech “The value of an old tradition:

“Candombe influences in the Tango” with the group

of music Afro-Uruguayan Kandombe of Brussels

(La valeur d'une tradition ancestrale: Les influences du

Candombe dans le Tango / Waarde van de voorouderlijke

traditie: De invloed van de Candombe op de Tango).


•Belgium. Since this year, Leonor Villagra have

being honored and recognized for her leadership,

well known Fine Art Work and engaged in women cultural rights.

So, she was nominated to be member of the Board of

Administration of the Cultural Center of Maalbeek Flemish

Language, invitation by the Cultural Director of Etterbeek, Belgium.

•April :Etterbeek, Belgium. In the celebrations of the

“Belgian Patrimony Day” (Erfgoeddag),

Leonor presented the Film of her Production

and Realization “A Bridge between two shores”

(Een brug tussen twee oevers, Un pont entre deux rives)

that include interviews to well known women residents

in the district that loge the European Union Institutions

•March: De Maalbeek – Belgium. In the 97th anniversary of the

“International Women’s Day”, Leonor presented her

Film’s production and realization “Profiles of Latin American

Women of Belgium” where she interacted and interviewed

Belgian Women Residents who had born in different countries.


• Brussels – Belgium: Organization and Moderator

of the Round Table & Speech “Being a Latin

American Indian Women with no resources,

the Northern Massive Immigration” (October)

(Être femme, pauvre et indienne, la migration

massive vers le nord) where Leonor interacted

and interviewed 5 Latin American Women about

their own life and immigration experience.



•Etterbeek – Belgium: In the Event “Month of the

International Solidarity” (October) Leonor was in charge

of the Organization, Curatorship and Art

Commissaire of the Fine Art Exhibition

“Women from here and other places”

(Femmes d’ici et d’ailleurs, Vrouwen

van hier en elders) that hosted 40 Fine Artists’

Art Work from different nationalities in the Gallery

and Salon “De Maalbeek” and “Entrée Libre” in

Etterbeek Municipalitiy in Brussels. The opening

premiere was made by the Excellencies: Deputed

& Cultural Counselor of the French Culture,

Mr. Rachid MADRANE and International Solidarity

Counselor of Flemish Culture, Mr. Frank VAN BOCKSTAL. © All Rights Reserved